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A cozy sauna spa in Mama’s Pocket

Finnish archipelago in winter

A few months ago I had a chance to visit a cozy and original site called Herrankukkaro (“Mama’s Pocket”) built upon an old fishing village. It was located in the Turku archipelago in Southwest Finland and used mainly for business meetings and team building.

Herrankukkaro has put effort to their own sauna spa area because they want to cultivate the Finnish cultural sauna heritage. The spa has four different smoke saunas, including the world’s largest smoke sauna for up to 124 people!

The  place is probably at its best in the summer time, but I think it had a special, almost magical atmosphere in the winter. During my stay the weather got cold extremely fast and I saw something impressive. I witnessed the sea freeze. Never seen that before!

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Read more: Herrankukkaro

Pictures and text: Laura

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Lazy days in the countryside

I had a great holiday break in the countryside. I did absolutely nothing, at least nothing useful. I spent time with my family, made long walks, read books, ate well (too well) and heated our sauna almost every night. And after these lazy winter days, I am ready to get back to my normal busy life.

I welcome the year 2013 with joy and enthusiasm. Let it begin, I’m rested and prepared!

Wintery sauna cottage

Sauna logs

sauna slippers

candle light in a sauna

sauna stove

sauna logs

Author and photos, Laura

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year for all sauna friends all over the world!

Laura & Kati

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Winter fun and snow angels

Going to the sauna

When I was a child my favorite thing in the countryside was to go to the sauna and then jump in the snow and then run back inside as fast as possible.

It used to be a real competition among my family members. The winner was the one who could lie in the snow longer than others. And the bravest of us made snow angels!

There was a lot of screaming and laughter and  afterwards it felt amazingly good. My mind and body was totally freshened up.

Nowadays my kids continue our tradition but I don’t want to leave the comfort of the steam room. But there are times when a combination of sauna and soft white snow gets too tempting…

Snow angel

My favorite sauna shoes in Winter

Author and photos: Laura

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Thank you for your pictures

We received some exciting and terrific wintery sauna photos. The pictures remind us of the magic of a real winter with snow. Thank you!

Among those who shared their photos, we raffled a linen towel by Jokipiin pellava. The winner is Heikki Annala. Congratulations Heikki!

Sauna in the winter

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