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Sunny Summer Drink

Glass of healthy black currant juice

This is a surprisingly easy and so fresh summer drink recipe. I got this from my cousin’s wife and since I made it first time in June it has been our family’s favorite. I’m going to freeze some leafs to be able to make this wintertime, too.

You need

8 liters of black current leafs
8 liters of water
100 gr citric acid
500 gr sugar

Rinse leafs and put them into a big bucket. Cook water and pour on top of leafs. Add citric acid and stir until it is mixed properly. Let it stay in room temperature for about 24 hours. Add sugar and stir until it is mixed properly. Drain, bottle and refrigerate. Serve cold with ice.

I wish everyone beautiful August days

– Kati

photo: Kati


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Ladies’ sauna evening

Ladies' sauna evening
One of our Finnish friends invited us to a  ladies’ sauna evening. She lives in New York and has an authentic charming Finnish sauna in her basement. We were so excited to get to a traditional sauna after a long time!

We had a truly fun evening, even though we didn’t know all the ladies beforehand.  We tried new sauna products like nourishing hair masks, softening sauna honey and even Moroccan skin oil. We energized ourselves with sauna yoga and  did simple stretching movements after sauna. We told stories about our lives and  laughed a lot.

The whole evening was crowned by a marvelous dinner. Our terrific host served us a traditional Finnish meal, a delicious casserole called Janssonin kiusaus (Jansson’s temptation). After the sauna and a tasty dinner, we all felt completely relaxed. And once again we realized: It’s easy to make new friends in a sauna.

Thank you Marjatta for a great ladies’ sauna evening!


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Our winning sauna food recipe!

Après sauna potato skins
Last week we got great news from the Sauna from Finland association: We won their sauna food contest! We wanted to take part in the competition with a recipe, which is easy to prepare anywhere in the world.

The inspiration for our winning potato skin recipe came from a potato treat, which the mother of an exchange student family in America used to prepare. This recipe is easy to make and vary according to seasonal ingredients. In Finland we like to use smoked reindeer meat for filling, but here in America we use turkey bacon. For a delicious veggie version we love to add fried porcinis or chanterelles.

Après Sauna Potato Skins, serves 4

6 Red skin potatoes (Rosamund)
¾ cup (2dl) sour cream
1 bunch  spring onions or chives
5.5 oz (150g) chopped smoked reindeer meat or fried turkey bacon or fried mushrooms
2 tablespoons grated horseradish
3.5 oz (100g) grated cheese (Swiss cheese or cheddar)
Salt, pepper, oil

Bring potatoes to  boil in a large pot , and boil them until tender, note that skins have to remain unbroken. Cut cooled potatoes in half lengthwise. Spoon out the flesh, leaving 1/4 inch (0.5 cm) shell. Brush oil inside the potatoes skins.

Mix carved potato flesh with sour cream and horseradish. Add chopped meat and chopped spring onions. Season with salt and pepper.

Fill the potato skins with potato – meat mix. Sprinkle grated cheese on top.

Bake in a 430F (225C) oven until cheese is crisp and golden brown, about 10-15 min.

Sprinkle with chopped spring onions.

Enjoy this yummy potato snack as après sauna finger food.

Sauna from Finland association

Authors: Kati & Laura
Photo: Laura


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Tomato and mozarella pie, a tasty après sauna treat

Tomatoes and basil
Few weeks ago I was invited to visit my friend’s house with a cute sauna cottage. I had a great time and I just loved the tomato and mozzarella pie my friend served us after a sauna bath. 

Tomato and mozzarella topped pie

Pie crust
7 oz (200 g) butter
1,5 cup (4 dl) flour
1 ½ tablespoons water
(You can also use pre-baked pie crust)

2 tablespoons Dijon-mustard
½ cup (1 ½ dl) parmesan cheese, shredded
6-8 plum tomatoes
10 oz (300 g) mozzarella cheese
black pepper

Basil oil
¼ cup (½ dl) olive oil
½ small basil pot
½ (or one small) garlic
black pepper

arugula salad

  • Pinch soft butter with flour with your fingers and add water. Line the bottom and edges of a greased pie tin (ø 9-10 in, 24-26 cm) with the crust. Pre-bake the crust at the 400 F (200 C) about 10 min. 
  • Spred mustard on the crust and add shredded parmesan cheese. Add sliced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, salt and black pepper. Bake 20-30 min in 400 F (225 C).
  • Mix olive oil, basil and garlic in a blender and add salt and black pepper.
  • Sprinkle basil oil on the top of the tart before serving. Decorate with basil leaves and arugula.

Tastes yammy after sauna with friends!

Sauna cottage    
My friend’s cute sauna cottage.        

Author and photos:  Laura
Original recipe: www.kinuskikissa.fi

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