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Sunny Summer Drink

Glass of healthy black currant juice

This is a surprisingly easy and so fresh summer drink recipe. I got this from my cousin’s wife and since I made it first time in June it has been our family’s favorite. I’m going to freeze some leafs to be able to make this wintertime, too.

You need

8 liters of black current leafs
8 liters of water
100 gr citric acid
500 gr sugar

Rinse leafs and put them into a big bucket. Cook water and pour on top of leafs. Add citric acid and stir until it is mixed properly. Let it stay in room temperature for about 24 hours. Add sugar and stir until it is mixed properly. Drain, bottle and refrigerate. Serve cold with ice.

I wish everyone beautiful August days

– Kati

photo: Kati


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Blinis -perfect apres sauna food


January is a blini month. I don’t know the real reason why, but I think because blinis are comfort food at its best. January is the darkest and coldest month of the year in Finland and some comfort is definitely needed.

Last Saturday I invited my good friends for some blinis. They were so good, that I want to share the recipe with you.

Easy blini recipe

  1. Mix 25 gr of yeast with 4 dl of lukewarm milk
  2. Add 1 tsp of salt and 2 egg yolks
  3. Add 2 dl of spelt flour and 2 dl of wheat flour and mix
  4. Let the dough rest in room temperature for at least an hour but preferably for several hours
  5. Whisk 2 egg whites into hard foam and add delicately to the dough
  6. Fry on a pancake pan with a pretty generous amount of butter

Serve with vendace roe, sour cream and chopped red onion and of course with some cool Riesling white wine.


By the way, this is perfect apres sauna food, too

Recipe: Kati
Photos: Laura



Blinis' decoration

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Glögg – a Sweet Holiday Season Drink

Mulled wine and plum tarts

Finally we got some snow to lighten up our dark days. The temperature fell below zero (Celsius) and we actually got a real snowstorm. Just right timing, as now is the beginning of the holiday season.

My holiday season starts on November 25, when I invite some friends to our home to enjoy some Christmas pastries, ginger bread and glögg, a sweet, spicy and hot holiday season drink. For adults I add some port wine to intensify the fruity taste of it but the kids love it just the way it is.

Here is a glögg recipe to spice your Holiday season:

4 dl water
1 dl sugar
1 dl black current juice
1-2 cinnamon sticks
10 whole cloves
1 tsp. whole cardamom seeds
a small piece of ginger

for adults, some port wine

  1. cook water, sugar and spices for 10-15 minutes
  2. remove spices and add black currant juice and port wine
  3. reheat the glögg but do not boil it anymore
  4. put some raisins and almonds on the bottom of cups and pour hot glögg on top of them

Glögg warms you up and comforts in the winter nights and is especially good after sauna.

I wish you a sweet start for a Holiday season.

– Kati

Photo: Laura


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Tip Top Nails

Summer nails
I have to admit, I’m too lazy to keep my nails polished during the winter time. I let them rest, I like to think. But when the sun gets brighter and  the flip flop season kicks off, it’s time to head to a nail salon. Fortunately there are at least five of them within a mile from our house, so it’s only a matter of selecting the right one for your mood.

Before I can relax and enjoy some foot massage I have to make the difficult decision of picking a polish color. I usually stick to pretty conservative and neutral roses and pinks. This summer I’m going to be current and go for some bold, bright neons or maybe  even try magnetic polish that creates 3D effects!

Have a colorful summer!

Author: Kati
Photo: Laura

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Greetings from Anne’s sauna

view from Anne's sauna

Our dear friend Anne, who lives in New York, did a huge sauna building project last year in Finland in their summer place. This summer they can enjoy their brand new sauna and the unbelievably beautiful view from the sauna terrace (see the picture above). Here are Anne’s greetings from her trip to their summer house this spring: 

It was the 6th of May when I got to our summerhouse for the first time this year. I saw something very powerful, our lake got rid of its icy coat that day. What a power the sun and wind have! It was amazing, I hadn’t seen that in years.

Finnish people have some strange habits, one of them is that they can swim in the icy water and enjoy it. I warmed our sauna, which is right next to the lake, I thought “I’m going to be brave, swim and loose my ‘wintercoat’ for this spring.” In the same time I would capture plenty of flavonoids (it’s said that by swimming in the really cold water your body awakens and starts developing flavonoids by itself) and stay healty for a long time. It was a good plan and strong intention.

As I warmed our sauna, my spirits were high. I took it slowly and enjoyed every minute; threw water on the hot stones, how enjoyable and smooth. The lake was waiting for me, I put my toes to the water, but it was VERY COLD. I waded till I was kneehigh, and then started to be very hesitant, not having enough courage to go deeper. I turned back and went to sit on the stairs. The lake said peacefully  “you couldn’t do it today, but don’t worry, I’ll be here and you come in  when ever you are ready”. Nature is also gentle and forgiving. I had a peaceful mind. Anyway my first sauna trip was very relaxing and I’ll remember it for a long time.

Looking forward to summer sauna moments and swimming,


text and photo: Anne

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