About us

Our Saunaflow blog is for everyone who loves sauna and other simple joys of life.  We write about wellness, natural beauty, design and good food.

Who we are

Kati and Laura, sauna bloggers

We are two Finnish women who used to live on the East Coast (US) and recently moved back to Finland. Like all Finns, we are also enthusiastic sauna goers and always look for fresh and easy ways to enjoy everyday life.

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Looking for a new sauna spirit

For us Sauna is a state of mind. We believe that Sauna is an excellent source of energy and relaxation. We want to share our experiences and ideas and help you to find new sources of wellness and joy of life.

Contact us

We hope you enjoy our blog. We would love to hear about your sauna inspirations. Please, tell us where you find your sauna spirit!


Kati and Laura

email us: saunaflow(at)saunaflow.com