Waiting for summer nights

Sun set and the sea

Finally the weather is getting warmer! In Finland it means a few things.

First,  people are coming out of their houses. You can  see neighbors you haven’t seen during the whole winter. Suddenly all people are outside gardening, running, walking and the weirdest of all, talking with each other.

Secondly, it’s not dark anymore. Days are getting longer every day and there is so much more time to do things. Visiting a friend at 9 pm is something you never do in the winter time, but now you can easily stop by.

One day last week I was on Facebook, and noticed that many of my friends has also stayed out long and enjoyed the warm weather. Those stunning sun set pictures brought the summer to my mind. I thought of warm and peaceful summer nights when the sun doesn’t go down, the mind and the body are relaxed after swimming and sauna and there is no hurry anywhere. Just watch these beautiful pictures and you can feel the same.


Photos: Kim, Maippi, Marjukka, Meri, Pia & Suvi


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3 Responses to Waiting for summer nights

  1. Plus it’s time to throw the wintercoat off! Mine went last weekend – just a little chilly :)

  2. Beautiful Picture about sun set!Maybe someday you can write an article about sauna in Shanghai!

  3. Keith A

    Love the blog & photos … viva la sauna ! :)

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