A barrel sauna found at the fair

a sauna barrel

I visited a home and garden fair in Lausanne, Switzerland (www.habitat-jardin.ch) in the beginning of March, and saw many interesting things there. But as always as a Finn, saunas catch my attention.

I found a very unique sauna there; one wall at the end of a barrel sauna was a half a sphere. The view was a panoramic one that brings you so close to nature and lets you enjoy it. How easy is this? Just pick the place for your sauna, this company comes and puts it together for you on site and you can start enjoying! This sauna was made out of Canadian red cedar. All the details were nicely finished and especially the cedar smell was really vibrant.

I was happy to see Helo and Harvia sauna stoves at the fair, but those were the only Finnish sauna items that I was able to find. While living in Geneva I have met many people, not only Finnish, who have saunas in their homes or chalets. I think people have found this Finnish way relaxing here too. There is clearly a real demand for saunas in central Europe. The wooden outdoor tubs seem to be very popular here as well. I couldn’t help thinking that Finnish sauna manufacturers and other sauna products should be more available and present here.  We have a lot to give and share about our sauna traditions.

Author and photos: Anne

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